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Main Menu useful info Your personal guide to the cool cold Moscow

Your personal guide to the cool cold Moscow

Taste of Russia recommends:

Moscow Sightseeing


The Kremlin, Museums and Cathedrals of the Kremlin, Red Square and St. Basil

The Tretiyakov Gallery – a guided tour advised, after the visit a nice walk towards Bolotnaya square and on to the Red October creative district

Old Arbat Street – souvenirs, very nice walking area, historical houses. Tourist cafes usually not suitable for good food

Sandunovsky Banya - real experience of an authentic Russian bath with brooms, good food service right in your chill out area too!

Gorky Park – a recently brought back into its original 40ies aesthetics, turned into a cool fun retro central park with cafes, ice rinks and other attractions

The Moscow Metro

VDNKh – wide walking area with examples of Soviet Union magnificent architecture, now shopping area and other attractions, suitable for children and bicyclists. A bit further along Prospect Mira you’ll see the famous Mukhina’s “The Worker and Collective Farm” sculpture

The Museum of Cosmonautics – very interesting Museum, but it’s difficult with English translation, better take someone with you to translate.

GUM central shopping mall on the Red square – gorgeous!


Food and drink


Breakfast 24 hours

Starlite Diner

Friends Forever Cafe

Strelka bar

Denis Simachev Shop and Bar


Pushkin Sq must visit:

Scandinavia – famous meeting point for expats

Cafe Pushkin– classic & expensive, but good quality! All tourists are usually taken there for typical Russian food

Starlite Diner – American 60th in Moscow

Jerusalem – Jewish kosher restaurant on top of the synagogue on B.Bronnaya

Coffeemania (coffee chain’s best outlet) - on Bolshaya Nikitskaya – near the Moscow state conservatory

Khachapuri - a chain with modern interpretation of Georgian classics, casual cafes

Djonjoli – a Ginza (Company running multiple concepts both singe-unit and chains) run Georgian café near Pushkinskaya sq


Russian Cuisine

Cafe Pushkin– classic & expensive, but good quality! All tourists are usually taken there for typical Russian food

Mari Vanna – book a table!

Vatrushka café by Ilya Shalev – contemporary Russian cuisine

SchiSliva – contemporary Russian, nominated as the best restaurant 2013



CIS Cuisine

Shinok– Ukrainian cuisine, book a table!

Cheburechnaya – Tishinskaya sq, funny place a-la Soviet style with all accessories of that time – red flags, herbs and other symbols of past. Low prices!

U Pirosmani – facing Novodevichiy monastery

Saperavi café – on Tverskaya Yamskaya, modern Georgian Cuisine with some regional specialities

Khachapuri - a chain with modern interpretation of Georgian classics, casual cafes

Djonjoli – a Ginza (Company running multiple concepts both singe-unit and chains) run Georgian café near Pushkinskaya sq

Sim Sim – Azerbaijani restaurant (small chain)

Uzbekistan – book a table and enjoy samosa pies and delicious pilaff

Chaikhona #1 – uzbek chill-out restaurants, very authentic design; good sheesha (small chain)


Bars/restaurants (good food everywhere)


Gipsy – Red October, must do! A drink till you drop place) Facecontrol

LOOCH – cool huge bar, love it!

Strelka – Red October, upstairs is closed for winter; downstairs bar is very nice too

Delicatessen – closer to Tsvetnoy Bulvar, - hard to find but definitely worth it, Ivan Shishkin –  chef and owner – book a table! 5 min drive from Mayakovskaya – don’t miss the burger!

Denis Simachev Shop and Bar – legendary, must try… FC can be tough so try rather early

Michel – Krasnaya Presnya - French

Moloko – NY stylish café/bar

Zu café – New Arbat – pan Asian

Ragout, Ragout 2.0 (Olimpiysky)

Bontempi on Red October

Osteria Numero Uno

Black Market

Chaika  - Sanpellegrino rated restaurant by chef Ilya Shalev

Mechta – by Ilya Shalev

L’Albero – super romantic italian restaurant!

Maxim Bar – posh and very moscovite

Sky Lounge

Tapa de Comida – by Ivan Shishkin



Tsveteniye Sakuri – best (in my opinion) of Japanese

Lastochka – on a ship

Tsuker – Jewish/ ginza

Reka – ginza

Hand Made Pelmen – pelmeni fast food shop on Tverskaya

Kamchatka Bar – casual beer bar by A.Novikov

Meat Point – Turkish koffta kiosk near Moscow Conservatory – till 4am

Latuk – vegetarian café

Muchachos – best burrito in town

Fresh – vegan café



Klava – 2 min walk from MariVanna

Belka – Red October, next door to Gipsy, no smoking, CC, very cozy!

Dorogaya ya perezvonu (Darling I’ll call you later) – chain of cool casual fun alco-bars (Kitay Gorod, Mayakovskaya) darlingbars.ru; Jenya Goncharov-art director, Dima Levitsky-owner

Time out Bar – just another great cool place – 13th floor of the Peking hotel, very laid back although set in rich Stalin’s interiors, open terrace

Melodiya (back of Tverbul)


Rolling Stone bar – the open terrace – summertime only!



Don’t tell Mama – Putinkovsk pereulok

Zjiguli – amazing old school bar/restaurant near Arbat

I like bar – Shabolovka


Bobri I Utki



Kisa bar

Sky Lounge – just classics – a beautiful bar on the 22nd floor of the Russian Academy of Science



Soho Rooms –posh muscovite multispace for rich and famous

Solyanka Club, Restaurant, Bar – hipster place, usually cool, CC, try before 22.30 and stay in till late, later admission to members only


Posh new fine dining

White Rabbit – top floor of Smolensky passage, very Moscow-style, best view)) – book a table!

Tatler Club - in Radisson Ukraine hotel, Ginza project – means quality and chic

Buono - in Radisson Ukraine hotel

Bolshoi – Novikov’s most pretentious place with contemporary art, Ralph Lauren interiors,

best location and extremely expensive menu



Gelsomino - Ginza run fine karaoke club

October – in October cinema complex on New Arbat

Trubadur – Radisson Royal Ukraine, 33 floor – best view


Food Shops

Yeliseevsky Central Supermarket – best food in fabulous 19th cent Imperial interiors on Tverskaya (near Pushkin square)

Dorogomilovsky market – the most famous food market in Moscow

Danilovsky market – nice and cozy recently renovated to propagandize local food

Xleb &Co – chain of bread, coffee and culinary shops

Dari Prirodi – first food truck in Russia by Ivan Shishkin

Bakhetle – supermarket in front of Sheraton, a huge selection of Tatar Culinariya, savory pies and potato pancakes are my special recommendation!

Bulka – bakery and café

Shtolle – best pies! chain, central branch near Mayakovskaya sq

Kulinariya Bratiev Karavayevix (Кулинария Братьев Караваевых), chain – cheap cool lunch menu, CIS, one branch near Klava (district of Patriarchiyi Prudi)

LavkaLavka – from farm to table – selecting and delivering best local farmers produce, meats, milk and condiments

Alcohol is hot sold anywhere in shops after 23.00