All children enjoy playing with the dough and when under the professional guidance they make a real pizza or a beautiful puff swan their happiness is endless. Same time adults get unforgettable impressions (take your camera), tasty pies and receipts for simple and delicious home baking!

We organise master-classes on baking pies, cakes, “kulebyaka” and “vatrushka” for children from 4 to 12 accompanied by 1-2 adults! The cooking party is for about 10 children: they have fun together and they do not embarrass each other. They wash hands, then our chef puts aprons on each child and they discuss what they are going to cook.

Children's parties

“By 10th anniversary children have already celebrated their and their friends’ birthdays in all possible ways and it’s rather a difficult task to find something new, interesting and unexpected to entertain them”- said one mother. Why would not bring them to our kitchen?!

Here, for our young guests - for mothers’ little helpers - we organize children’s holidays, Birthdays and Parties. Children make pizzas, salads and tasty pies together with their mothers, fathers and even with their grandparents; we make gingerbread houses for a New Year Eve and bake Easter rabbits for the Easter Fest! It’s a difficult question who makes better – children, who immediately become hard-working and serious like adults or their parents who turn into kids and have a great fun watching all that.

Our parties include training and development elements: kids start thinking what pastry is made from, what ingredients of pizza are, and develop their motoring skills while working with the dough and chopping ingredients. Of course, some food is prepared before class, something is cut and dough is kneaded in advance, as you can hold little chefs’ attention for about an hour or an hour and a half, but not more. The culinary party brings a great fun: just imagine them making puff swans with the confectionary bag, and the most important – they drink tea after class with their homemade delicacies! Funny enough that parents have the same interest in our classes as their kids.

We believe that nothing could be compared with the warm feeling of friends and family united in the kitchen at the table.

Master-class Program (usually discussed with parents). Sample menu:

“Caesar” salad

Fantasy kids’ pizza


Special preparation for participation it is not required, all necessary materials and tools are given. Drinks and booklets of recipes for adults are included in price.

Duration: 2 hours.

The course leader is a professional chef with a great experience in working with children.

Maximal capacity for the class – 10 people.

Location: in cozy place in the culinary school located in the heart of old Moscow. 4/3, Kazarmenny per. (Kurskaya)

By the end of the class you receive a Certificate of Participation.

Please contact us for details.